Monday, November 30, 2009

T-day Break Riding

Although the weather wasn't ideal for riding during break, we did get some nice pedaling in. On friday we went down to Redwood State Park with the intention of riding for the day and heading south from there to sleep in tents and hit some more single track the next day. Unfortunately (or not so unfortunately) my chain broke and not a one of us brought a chain breaker. Because of the cold and rain I think we were all secretly stoked to load up the bikes and head back north for some dinner and great beer at Eel River Brewery. We decided over dinner to go home, warm up, fix our bikes and head out early with Don's Donuts in hand. But not before heading to Scott's for another round of great homebrew and viewing of "Seasons" by the Collective. The next day turned out to be magnificant, and Kevin decided to be a macho man and take along Scott's 7 inch travel Iron Horse. We all got to sesh out some sections of single track with the steel horse while Kevin got the honors of lugging the 40 lb. tank up the climb. Thanks Kevin.
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Turkey or no Turkey day

Thanks giving was a much needed break. School has me burnt out and I'm starting to feel unnecessarily inefficient. The weather was damp and cold most of the week. On thanksgiving morning the temps were bitter, but at least no rain was coming down. I managed to get a quick 20 mile bike ride in through the bottoms and Eureka loop with my buddy Chris. The food was plentiful and it took me three sessions to finally finish what food I put on my plate. The old "eyes were bigger than my stomach," but I was persistent with trying to get my stomach to catch up. Dinner was hosted at the hostel this year so we got our rounds of ping pong in, with the traditional board games such as Apples to Apples getting cleared off the shelves as well. Successful, you betcha.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wet ride

It was a wet and muddy one out there today.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Stomach Churn 2009

Coming up December 5th is the Stomach Churn Cyclocross race brought to you by team bigfoot. There will be a ton of prizes, BBQ, and of course beer after the event. 30 minute race starts at 10:30, 50 minute starts at 11:30am. I'll be there for sure, racing, maybe puking, and of course taking a ton of pics. There is also a cross-dressing contest in which the winner will score a new set of Kenda tires. Check out the map to the race and my after race posting.