Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Imagine - kolelinia

A friend of mine turned me onto this provocative transportation concept based on the idea of flying over problematic transportation areas. A writeup from the site:

"Everything started in the summer of 2008. I decided to participate in the international architectural competition „Line of Site” on the „City Transportation Interchange” brief. The first crazy idea which came to my mind was to make flying bicycle-lanes, using steel wire, something like ski lift but working on the opposite principle in which the wire is static and it doesn’t need electricity. Ultimately I sent only a pencil sketch and the idea placed for the final, which was held on February 2009 in London. My detailed presentation won the „City Transportation Interchange” brief. During the autumn of the same year I decided to develop the idea in further details. At the same time I received an invitation to become presenter for the Sofia’s TEDx conference, something that additionally stimulated the development of the idea. Many of the principles have been changed. For example the personal safety device, which is a prior-art itself. This site presents the third step of the development. Time only will show what will come out of it…"

Click on the image to check out the project.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hilary's B-Day Bowling

Last Tuesday was Hilary's birthday so we all went out on Friday to celebrate with some bowling in Eureka. It's been awhile since I've rolled and to put it in bowlers terms, "I couldn't hit my mark." The sport hasn't changed at all since my younger years of league play; still roll a ball down an alley and try and knock all the pins down. However, I some how managed to hit a lot more of those pins many years ago. Plastic versus reactive urethane in bowling is sort of like cycle touring on a cheap hardware store 24 tpi tire versus a Specialized Armadillo, reaction to the environment my friends. And what a better way to react to environment than getting a bunch of crazy kids together and throwing heavy objects down an oily lane.

This is the birthday woman herself.
Although I'm not as competitive as I once was, I'm always down for a little friendly competition and crap talking. Me and my buddy Ted love to push each others buttons in a gentleman's sort of way, but then again everyone likes to give Ted a hard time. Despite him being a canvas for others jokes we had our fair share of high fives within the slander. And with that Ted was "hitting his mark" a little better than myself that night, but I managed to pull ahead the first game and tied him 1 game to 1. Next time Ted, next time.
The Big Labowski may have changed the way we look at bowling forever, or at least our personal experiences. I can't imagine a single brain synapse occuring while at a bowling alley that doesn't pertain in some way to a urethane covered rose, or shining up the ol' rolling rock. I didn't happen to see Sam Elliot drinking any Sarsaparilla, but I did give the plastic a good sheen.
After the bowling sesh we got an exciting chance to have a private party at the Accident Gallery for a showing of Triplets of Belleville. If you're into cycling, or just good animation I highly recommend this film. After the movie we were indulged with lemon curd filled cupcakes and art chatter. Not an unsuccessful night.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Red Gate

Some shots from Jacoby Creek ride last week. Just like most of the single track around here, it was super wet and muddy. Still a great time with great folks. This forest is magical, filled with moss covered trees. Not a bad place to spend a wet afternoon.