Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bogstomp 2010

Well it's been awhile since I've transcribed any thoughts into digital format, well at least here. Damn facebook has probably taken over. So much has happened since we last talked. I'll cut to the chase.

Last weekend was the annual Bogstomp, BogStomp, Bog Stomp (however it's spelled) mountain bike/cyclocross race held out near headwaters. Revolution Cycles puts on the race and they sure do a great job of it. For some reason I couldn't pull it together to get much riding in so I went out to shoot a few photos and just generally have a good time with some friends.

This was only my 2nd year as an attendee, so I don't really have much to compare. There were a few more racers on the field suffering this year which was great to see. Last year I raced the 30 minute sufferfest and actually did better than I would have guessed going into it. It was actually nice getting to shoot some photos of the guys I usually race with and sort of felt guilty taking the easy way out. Well I didn't hear anyone complaining, at least not to my face.

The track was a bit muddier than last year and I think it had something to do with Sean tearing things up with his moto - race organizers always like the racers to suffer as much as possible. There was even a "pit' that everyone kept talking about, but in my oblivion didn't discover it until the 3pm kids race. That would have made for some nice sloppy shots.

I did get a chance to try out my new flash unit. I managed somehow to scrape up a little cash and get the nikon sb-600 strobe. This thing has the ability to run as a slave from my SLR body so I can mount it on my tripod and run around snapping shots while it distracts and scares the hell out of the riders. I've got some learning ahead of me, but overall I was pleased with the results - much better than not having i-TTL with the Sunpak powerzoom I've been using.

Congrats to Andrew "Potter" McAfee for taking the 50 minute race and Justin Brown with the 30 minute race win. Looks like it was a setup from the revo guys. Race results will be posted here.

I'd like to close it with this photo and remind everyone that sometimes it's not ok to be childish, but never get so old to lose your childlike qualities. Have fun out there.