Monday, July 25, 2011

BMC Cascade Cycling Classic 2011

I had the chance for the second year in a row to head up to Bend during the Cascade Classic stage race. For race information please visit the race website here. Although it's a six day race (including prolouge), I only got to see Saturday's stage of the downtown Bend crit, which by all affairs is the best spectator stage of the race. The weather was perfect and the race was fast with the pro mens' pulling in about 2 minute lap times. I managed to pull the trigger a few hundred times on the nikon, so maybe that pro friend of yours who gave you a kick down on those zipp wheels could get an 8x10 for their birthday. To view the full gallery go here. A few teasers below.

Contemplating the sharp corner.

When blasting away and the madness a few lucky surprises find their way onto the card. I really liked this one.

The ol' grunt play.

It was hot enough for white skin suits. No water needed for this contest.

This guy apparently thought it was a triathlon.

All red, white, and blue for Garmin.

#9 laying it low.

This guy was actually racing to the WBMC.

My full criterium gallery can be viewed here.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Baseball and Fireworks

I can't think of much more American than the two. Well perhaps beside traveling to a Waffle House in your thunderbird with t-tops, which isn't the best car to take to a fireworks show. Spending most of my time in California living in the woods and in the Humboldt Bubble in NorCal, I've never really been impressed with any boom show I've seen in Cali anyway. Nothing like back in the Midwest where places like the Battle Creek Air Show and surprising the Negaunee, Michgian fireworks show which is one of the best fireshows in the sky I've seen.

Despite the lack of pyrotechnic impressiveness in Northern California, there's not much more American than a bunch of friends with a whiffle ball and bat, a flag cake, some great craft brew, homemade vegi burgers, a hula-hoop, and some sparklers.

Pledge to the flag cake.

Scott demolishing one of the whiffle balls.

Squat style.

Light painting with sparklers.

When a hula-hoop and sparklers collide.

Freedom baby!